What to expect


At the first appointment you will asked a number of questions about the history and nature of your problem, how it is affecting you personally and what your expectations are for treatment.

This will be followed by a physical examination to enable me to make a diagnosis of your condition.

To make an accurate diagnosis the physical examination may, with your permission, involve removal of some outer layers of clothing. Your dignity and privacy will be respected at all times and blankets used to cover you. A Physiotherapist will not do anything you are unhappy with at any time.

Your condition and possible causes will then be fully explained to you and treatment options put forward. Treatment then starts in this first appointment. Often just one or two appointments can be enough to aid your recovery.

If part of your treatment involves daily exercises for you to do on your own, you will be taught how to do these correctly.

Any medical information about you is kept in the strictest confidence and will not be discussed with external parties without your permission. All my records are paper based for security.

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